Our Program

Keep Flippin’s gymnastics facility is truly unique. Our one of a kind program is performance-based, rather than being competition-based. We embrace our mission to teach gymnastics and give our gymnasts the full range of the gymnastic experience. Each student is lovingly guided towards reaching their potential – and beyond. Our program teaches all aspects of gymnastics and apparatus. We embrace our gymnasts at any age or skill level and will teach them everything they wish to learn.
Our Record

We have an outstanding record of achievement here at Keep Flippin’ – one that we take pride in. Our fantastic gymnastic show team is truly remarkable, performing all year throughout Florida and amazing crowds wherever they go. However, no one is left out in our program. All of our gymnasts are given the spotlight. At the end of each year all of our gymnasts perform in April to show off what they have learned to all of our proud parents.

Along with gymnastics, our proud gymnasts learn confidence, develop self-esteem and stage presence. They glow with pride and accomplishment. That is the true goal of our performance based program.