November 6th!

26 Oct

Come grab some Italian food from That’s Amore and watch our Showteam November 6th from 5-7:30 at 16594 75th Way North. Our amazing showteam will perform twice at 5:30 and 6:30 pm! Can’t wait to see y’all!

Reopening the Gym!! Very Important!

09 May

We are finally opening Monday, May 18th – we canโ€™t wait to see everyone!

We have some guidelines that must be followed:ย 
– YOU MUST CALL THE GYM AND SPEAK TO SOMEONE BEFORE COMING IN. You may leave a message and someone will get back to you.ย 
– The hours will be Monday through Friday 4-7 and Saturday 10-12. Private lessons will be held after that.
– We follow all protocols of cleanliness, disinfecting, and spacing.ย 
– Whether you have a credit or wish to pay for two weeks in May all classes will be limited, so YOU MUST CALL IN FIRST.
– SUMMER CAMP IS OPEN FOR SIGN-UPS. As always space is limited, but even more so at his time.
We will be excitedly waiting to see all of our beautiful students!

Daryl Sue, Sheridan, Coaches and staff

Keep Flippin’ during Quarantine!!!

31 Mar

As we continue on as best we can, we wait for the worst to be over – and it WILL be over – this will be our current plan.

It is important for the children and the community that we do everything possible to keep our amazing gym alive. On Thursday, April 2nd, we will charge tuition for active students.

These students will receive equity or credit on the parents’ accounts for classes, summer camp, or private lessons. We also are determining what to do about our end of the year show.

We are also planning to do a Zoom remote video from the gym, where the boys and girls can join in for conditioning.

Most of all, as we teach our children AND learn from them, the principles of resiliency, determination, and positive awareness we will always continue to move forward. There is a reason Daryl Sue named our gym KEEP FLIPPIN’.